Monday, 30 December 2013

my Review of 2013

2013 has been one of the most important years in my life.
Its a year full of changes and hopes that changed me in a positive way. 

Well here are the 10 most important things that I have been experienced or learned during 2013.

1.Erasmus ( Students Exchange program) 
Erasmus program gives you the chance to go to live and study in another country for a semester or year. If you are a EU citizen or you study in a European university and you have the chance to be an Erasmus student don't think about it because its a lifetime thing. You meet people from all over the world and you share experiences, you learn new things about cultures and you will be able to see the world in another point of view.

2. New hobbies
There is always time to try something new and from that you will learn something that will full you up and develop your skills. For example me I've just started drawing and painting and I feel so good with myself. I found a way to express my feelings that I could not do it in another way.

Being not a student any more makes everything to be seen complicated from the first point of view. But on the other hand to see it in a positive way might be something that will bring you new things and more opportunities in the future. Such as masters in another country.  

As an Erasmus student I have been in turkey during the protests in 2013. It is an experience because you see people going out of their houses, closing their tv and being united at the streets because they do have common problems and by using peaceful ways they try to solve them but always the government intervenes in a different way. If you are interested to learn more

Is a way of free transportation that is gained by asking people, usually strangers by stopping cars and asking them to take you with you if you go at the same destination. Most of the people think that it is dangerous but actually its not if you are careful with that. Thanks to my good friend Daniel learned a lot about hitchhiking and travelling. If you wanna check about him and hitchhiking check his website

6. Never say never
I guess that the year that i felt most the saying of "never say never" is 2013. I did many things and happened many things in my life that I would never imagine.

7. Make a list of the things you want to do
When you write a list its much better than just keeping it in your mind. Somethings might be forgotten but when they are written, never. By making my own list of the things that I desired, I achieved more than I would do if I just had it in my mind. Still the list goes on for 2014.

8. Being without money
Well i am speaking for a short period of time such as "a week", but I have never experienced it before. It is a new feeling that makes you stronger and more careful with your decisions in time.

9.Don't blame the society
We all belong in the society. People are always blaming the system, the society and they are always depressed and unsatisfied. Of course I agree we can not change everything in one day but by understanding our mistakes and changing for us will make the society better. Its not one person work, its work for all.

10. Found Love
'Found love in a hopeless place'  lyrics that matches perfectly with me this year . When you are not looking for love,  love will find you. This is what I experienced during many years. When I stopped believing that I can fell in love again, it happened but suddenly and without any warning.

So, these are the most important things that I have been experienced and learned during this year. Making a small review of the year helps you to see the positive and negative parts of the things that you have been experienced and done and of course this will help you to keep the positive things and change the negative things. 

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